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WNDX is a software development & training consultancy in southern Alberta, Canada.

Rails Application Maintenance

Your business-critical Ruby on Rails application needs to be maintained and upgraded. But your busy development team is defining, designing and delivering new business features. Let the WNDX Group take care of your Rails application's maintenance needs, and help power-up your development team to deliver more features, faster. More

Web Applications

When a small business takes off rapidly, your most precious commodity is time. Time spent performing routine work, or pushing data from one system to another is a waste of your precious time. We can help you identify the most effective work to automate, and can rapidly deliver a custom web application to provide robust mobile-ready solution for your business. See our Portfolio for examples of the applications we've built and worked on.

Mobile Applications

With the deep penetration of smart phones, mobile applications are now a compelling option for custom business software. We literally wrote the book on Core Data, for data-heavy mobile applications, on the lessons learned in the development of the WIMBY - Wells In My Back Yard application. Let us work together to identify, design and develop the tools your mobile workforce needs.


We have a passion for teaching

Ruby on Rails for Real Developers

The Ruby on Rails for Real Developers workshop is intended to get experienced developersup to speed quickly & confidently with the super-productive Ruby on Rails web developmentframework.

Rails for iOS Developers

Part of our RoR4Real series, our popular Rails4iOS Developers workshop has been presentedlocally in Calgary, as well as at conferences across the globe, including RubyConf Australia andNSScotland.

RubyMotion for Rails Developers

Our RubyMotion for Rails developers workshop is under construction. Please signup for updates to be informed when this workshop is ready to go.


Here are a few of the projects we have worked on for clients


iPhone Application

Client Portal / Mediacast

Web Application


Web Application


Web Application


Web Application

Perfectly Clear

Photoshop Plugin


What our fabulous clients have to say

Erik SowaVP of Engineering,
Real Gravity

I've hired Lori twice as a remote Rails engineer. She was a member of my team building and operating anonline video syndication application - a team that practiced continuous delivery successfully. Her attentionto continuously improving test coverage and monitoring while still shipping features was a significantfactor in that team's success. I'd cheerfully hire her again for Rails work.

I have worked with Lori on several projects for which I needed to put together an effective project teamtogether and to do it quickly. Without exception the project objectives were delivered in a professionalmanner - always on-time and on-budget. She is a rare combination of high technical skill coupled with anapproach that encourages collaboration between members of the team and other project stakeholders. That'slikely all that is required for Lori to be successful in virtually any situation in which she is put, butthere's more: she brings a positive attitude and a great sense of humour that makes projects with her apleasure. I would not hesitate to work with Lori again in the future.

Terence GannonPresident,


Here are Lori's upcoming speaking engagements, and a selection of talks from the past.

Upcoming Events
Want us to come speak at your conference? Let us know!
Past Events

This Old House App

RubyConf 2022

This Old App

Let’s talk about APPS

WNB.rb Meetup April 2021

WNB.rb Meetup April 2021

Creating AR Apps with RubyMotion

RubyConf 2019

Do The Work

Software - Profession, Craft, or Passion?

CUSEC 2018

CUSEC 2018

Do The Work

Madison+ Ruby 2016

Do The Work

Core Data In Motion

RubyMotion #inspect 2014

Core Data In Motion

Rockstars & Consultants

Aloha Ruby Conference 2012

Rockstars & Consultants, who needs 'em?

Mobile Rage

RailsConf 2012

Mobile Rage - What causes it & how to fix it

Rails 3.1

Confoo Montreal 2012

Rails 3.1

Maps & Scale

jQueryConf Boston 2011

Maps and Scale

Powerful UX

Conferencia Rails 2010

Powerful UX, not just for desktops anymore


The WNDX Group Inc. has been in operation for 20 years.

  • 1996

    Early Days

    The WNDX Group was originally formed to continue supporting and developing the WNDX Graphical User Interface Toolkit, a set of cross-platform C libraries, used to create GUI software applications capable of running cross platform, on such diverse platforms DOS, Windows, X-Windows (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SGI Irix), and Macintosh.

  • 1999

    Brewing some Java

    Then Java came along and kicked the crap out of the cross-platform business. If you can't beat'em, join'em. WNDX became a Java programming consultancy, specializing in delivering highly functional web applications using AWT, Swing based desktop applications capable of running on any customer platform, and finally enterprise web applications.

  • 2005

    Rocking the Rails

    Introduced to Ruby on Rails pre-1.0 release, we were so impressed with the boost in productivity it provided, that we immediately started our next project with Ruby on Rails, and continue to maintain & rapidly deliver highly performant and scalable web applications for today's businesses.

  • 2011

    Passion for Teaching

    After many years of informally mentoring and coaching the junior developers on the teams with which we have worked, it was time to formalize some of that knowledge, and we can now bring experienced software development teams rapidly up to date with the Ruby on Rails for Real Developers series of workshops (RoR4Real, Rails4iOS).

  • 2014

    Author! Author!

    Ruby, the language, was developed to make programmers happy. It made us very happy when RubyMotion was released, allowing us to develop iOS applications using Ruby. The result... we started developing mobile applications, and our first book was written and self-published ‐ Core Data in Motion.

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Our Amazing Team

Masters of the craft of Software Development

Lori Olson

Lead Consultant

Lori got her start in software straight out of school, with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science from the University of Calgary, working in the Calgary oil patch.  Since then, she has developed software solutions for the health, finance, and entertainment industries, as well as software tools used to boost the productivity of other software developers.

In her copious amounts of free time ;-) Lori volunteers as a local chapter lead (and instructor and mentor) with the Ladies Learning Code, a non-profit devoted increasing digital literacy by teaching coding and technical skills in a hands-on, social and collaborative way.