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Your client base is growing, and the demand for business relevant features keeps your development team busier than ever. That team is under pressure to focus on the features and bug fixes which are in demand from existing clients, and required to continue to build that client base. It is inevitable that those features and bug fixes are prioritized at the expense of the general upkeep and maintenance of your application infrastructure.

The WNDX Group can take over your Rails application maintenance, and get your application and development team back on the fast track. Please review our Rails service offerings below. If you don't see anything applicable to your specific needs, feel free to contact us to schedule a 30 minute no-obligation consultation.

Rails Inspection


The Inspection is a multi-point checkup of your Rails application. We’ll identify any potential security issues (including a summary of possible entry points), list which gems used in your app need updating (or replacing), provide a test coverage report, and an initial code quality evaluation.

Contact us today to get your Rails Inspection started

Rails Stabilizer


There are more applications out there that were created, and then left completely alone. And then suddenly, new features are needed, and no one even knows the current status of the app, much less what it will take to add those new features. These apps need a good once over, and a quick polish before you can get back to work. With the Stabilizer, we include the full Rails Inspection PLUS

  • fix any serious security issues that have entry points in your application
  • add or update your application developer bootstrap (bin/setup)
  • set up or update your CI build
  • update to the latest Rails bug fix release (for your current point version)

Rails Renewal

Monthly or get a 10% discount if you pay for a year in advance

After your application has been Inspected and Stabilized, let us take on your monthly Rails app maintenance needs, ensuring that your app stays secure, and your gems are kept up-to-date. These updates will be thoroughly tested, then made available as pull-requests for your team to review before applying, or we can apply them for you. We will also branch and test on new Rails point version beta-tests, ensuring your application is ready to update as soon as a new GM release is available.

Rails Hi Speed

starting at $2995/month

Unfortunately, neglecting your application frameworks, libraries, and toolsets comes at a cost. That cost is the slow build up of technical debt. Much like credit card debt, that technical debt continuously erodes your team’s ability to deliver on those priority features and bug fixes. As technical debt builds, so can developer frustration.

Let us start paying down that technical debt for you, so your application and development team can get back on the fast track. We can address issues like

  • those left-over bits of previous Rails upgrades that were never completed (simplifying your code base)
  • removing code that is no longer used (simplifying your code, making refactoring easier)
  • replacing gems at EOL (and their potential security issues)
  • speeding up your test suite

Contact us and we can get started on a quote for your application(s).

Rails Upgrade

starting at $4995

The dreaded Rails upgrade. Very few development teams ever enjoy this process. Why task your team with a major infrastructure upgrade when our experienced Rails team are familiar with the common upgrade pitfalls, and can perform that upgrade for you, faster and with fewer hiccups along the way? We can identify the potential upgrade issues, and bring your application up to date quickly and smoothly.

We will generally require an Inspection & Stabilization of your application before embarking on any major version upgrades. With the information compiled by those processes, we can provide an estimate with point-by-point details of the upgrade process and potential issues before we start.

After your application is upgraded, you can take advantage of our monthly Rails Renewal package to keep it up-to-date.