2014 Year in Review + 2015 Goals

January 16, 2015

Last year was just crazy. I was attempting to finish writing my book, work some contracts, speak at two conferences, teach my Rails workshop, mentor and teach at a couple of Ladies Learning Code/ChicGeekYYC events, and just for shiggles, my husband and I picked up and moved to a new (old) city - Lethbridge.

In retrospect, it isn’t really surprising that I didn’t actually finish primary writing on the book until Dec 31. Other than finishing the book, and planning to move out of Calgary, I didn’t really have a master plan last year. And you know what they say about planning…

Failing to plan is planning to fail. - Alan Lakein

This year should be a little more sane. I’m laying out some goals, and trying to concentrate on building up my “products” business, finally making progress on my 30x500 learnings.

Before looking forward, however, I need to get an idea of where I currently stand. Taking the cue from some of my fellow 30x500 alumni, I decided I should post my product business results from last year. Got onto Stripe, downloaded my transaction history, and summed everything up:

WNDX Products Revenue

Ok, that % increase on the book is kind of lame, since I only sold one copy in Dec 2013, but the overall revenue numbers were still a nice uptick, year over year. I guess I’m still in that constant battle with impostor syndrome, and I didn’t keep track regularly, because I didn’t think I was doing that well, considering that I was still pretty much half-assing my way along last year.

Now I have the numbers on which to base my goals for the next year. Drum roll, please…

Marketing the now-finished (just waiting for comments from one more reviewer before pushing the final) book is pretty much a no-brainer.

Creating the new workshop is one of the “brick building” exercises we learn from 30x500, and is also a no-brainer, considering how many requests I have had for it.

Obviously, I can’t make any money from workshops if I don’t get them scheduled. Seems like I get busy, and then forget, and then it’s a bad time of year or whatever. I mean… I scheduled a workshop on Grey Cup weekend one time (#facepalm). So, we’ll get those lined up, with real dates, sooner rather than later this year.

The iOS application is a bit of a soft goal. I need to finish it, because it’s been languishing at the 80% finished level for too long. It’s not really planned as a revenue generator, directly, but it was the spur behind my book, so there’s that. And then I can say I am a published iOS developer, so there’s that, too. iOS and Android developers seem to have a LOT of pains, so that is a fruitful area for future sales safaris.

I also want to continue my volunteer work in conjunction with Ladies Learning Code, to improve the levels of diversity in software development. Lethbridge may be small, but it has both a university and a college, so I fully expect to be able to host workshops here quarterly, as I get the Lethbridge Chapter ramped up. ( Contact me if you are interested in helping out!)

So there we have it. Last year I had a 300% increase in revenue. I don’t think it’s a stretch to go for 500% this year (not a goal, but a good measuring stick of progress), since I am buckling down with these definite goals. Instead of leaving my revenue checkup for the end of the year, this year I’ll be doing that at least quarterly, so I can tell what sort of progress I am making.

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