Cancelling Rogers iPad data plan

August 27, 2010

After 40 minutes on hold with Rogers (WTF?), I spent a lot of the time attempting to find some way of winkling out the information I needed/wanted out of the email (links galore), and out of Roger’s website.  Dad probably didn’t want that Rogers account, but now he’s got one anyway.  Lots of pissing around later, I discovered this:

Cancelling Your iPad Plan

If you wish to cancel your plan, you must complete the cancellation process or your credit card will continue to be charged at the end of each 30-day cycle. To complete the cancellation process, select the Settings icon on your iPad home screen, then tap on Cellular Data tab, then tap on the View Account button.

I’ll have to do that for my Mom when I’m down in Lethbridge this weekend, and I can dig that useless Rogers card out of her iPad box.  We got Rogers iPad cards for Mom & Dad to use on vacation, and set them all up using Dad’s credit card, only to discover that Rogers 3G service is unavailable in Waterton, where they vacation every summer.  I think I stole Dad’s Rogers card back… now I have to find it, and put it in MY iPad, and then I can probably cancel his.

Grrrrrrr. Aaaaargh.

Oh, yah, if you are wondering, I got them 2 Telus cards to use in Waterton, and they worked great.  Just cost a lot more, but I learned my lesson and put those cards/accounts on MY credit card.  Should still be good to go for when they visit Victoria in September.  I’ll cancel those plans after they get back.