National Girls Learning Code Day, Lethbridge edition

October 9, 2015

Where I answer your National Girls Learning Code Day questions

What is National Girls Learning Code Day all about?

  • It’s about discovering a passion for learning about technology.
  • It’s about experiencing the satisfaction that comes from being a builder/maker of the web and technology.
  • It’s about building a simple one page website from scratch to share with friends and family.
  • And becoming more confident and self-assured and developing a willingness to try new things.
  • This is a beginner level workshop for girls 8-13 years old and their parent/guardian/aunt/older sibling.

Can boys sign up?

These workshops are sponsored by Ladies Learning Code, and this is National Girls Learning Code Day. That said, as the local Lethbridge Chapter lead, I won’t absolutely say no if a boy would really, really like to attend. But if he really wants to come, he should bring along a girl, too, like a sister or cousin or neighbourhood friend!

Or, boys can wait for our (not yet scheduled, but in the New Year) Kids Learning Code workshop, which will be focused on kids of all ages, not just girls.

What do we need to bring?

The learners will need to bring a laptop to work on to the workshop. If you don’t have one, but would really like to participate, please contact me at this email, and I’ll do my best to find one you can borrow for the day!

This workshop is BYOL, so each parent or guardian/youth pair will need to supply their own lunch as well.

Here is the link to sign up for the Lethbridge edition of National Girls Learning Code Day. Hope to see you there on November 7th!

Lethbridge: National Girls Learning Code Day for girls ages 8-13 + their parent/guardian

If you aren’t from Lethbridge, go ahead and check the National Girls Learning Code Day site for the workshop in your area. There are workshops scheduled in 22 Canadian cities!

P.S. There’s no such thing as too many mentors, so if you already know basic HTML & CSS, please consider signing up as a mentor. It’s a lot of fun!