Rails problems & solutions - Nov 23, 2010

November 23, 2010

Ok, today I get to work on a Rails 3 app.  Yay!  As usual, I’m stumbling over Rails 2/Rails 3 difference issues.  Today’s stuff is all about testing and code coverage.

RSpec 2 no can haz has_tag

First up was writing a view spec, and running into this error:

undefined method `has_tag?’ for #<ActionView::Base:0x103e86120>

Peer Allan’s twitter stream held the questions and the answers, thanks, as usual, to @dchelimsky


The answer being, have_tag is gone in RSpec 2, use have_selector or similar ilk, and make certain your Gemfile includes webrat (which is where have_selector comes from).

Also, there are some slightly different semantics for specing view partials, and this post


Was quite useful, providing the rendered.should (as opposed to view.should) example.

Next, we’re on to … 

Setting up RCov on Rails 3 project with RSpec 2

I wasn’t overly impressed with this stuff about hacking the gem.  I mean really… if you are going that far, why don’t you just fork it & fix it, and then do a pull request?


This gist was a better answer.