Ruby on Rails problems & solutions - Dec 1, 2010

December 2, 2010

Lots of meetings today, so this is the short version.

Git tips For Mac users, this is a useful one. Getting git to ignore the .DS_Store files, everywhere, in one swell foop. Buttons with image/text This is one of my personal bandwagons. Usability is generally increased, quite a lot, when you combine text and images for your action items (links, buttons, submits, whatever), instead of using text alone or images/icons alone. It’s surprisingly hard to get these kinds of action items to work/look good in HTML. The following link is useful, if you are mostly dealing with ajax actions. And remember Rails folks, there is very little functional difference between a button_to with :remote and a link_to with :remote in Rails 3, so you can replace your buttons with these lovely links if you want to.