Ruby on Rails problems & solutions - Jan 28, 2011

January 29, 2011

jQuery combobox Ever needed a combobox?  I mean a real one (ie, you can type into it AND select items)?  Here is an excellent blog, explaining the finer details of how it works:

And, then, when you put it in a form, and it doesn’t work, you’ll need this:

Form with nested resources

I don’t do this very often, and I hadn’t used form_for with nested resources before.  It seems this doesn’t work:

form_for @post, @comment

But this does:

form_for [@post, @comment]  

D’Oh!  That one took me a while to find.  The example from this link pointed me in the right direction:

jQuery again - val() on a hidden select doesn’t work

Ok, this is really fucking annoying.  How is anyone supposed to figure out that this doesn’t work when the select is hidden:


But this does:

$(“myselect option:selected”).val()

Do you know how many hours that cost me?!?!?!?  P.S.  If you are using the combobox (above) this may be important to you.