Ruby on Rails problems & solutions - May 5, 2011

May 5, 2011

Protip for RVM/Capistrano If you are using RVM/Capistrano, make certain that you sync up your RVM updates on development and your servers, or you might run into this error when you try to deploy: bash: /usr/local/rvm/bin/rvm-shell: No such file or directory

Solution?  Update RVM on your server, at the same time you update on your dev machines.

Empty xhr on Rails 3 ajax:error More fun with ajax calls, Rails 3 + jQuery.  If you are baffled by seeing errors like: error in: undefined Then you should check out this StackOverflow Q&A for a solution.

No expansion found for :defaults I encountered this on an upgrade to Rails 3.0.4… (I know, I know, these are getting behind.  But I am starting to catch up)  Anyway, if you upgrade your Rails 3.0.x and then see the dreaded: No expansion found for :defaults

Then you should read this blog for the solution:

Adding a calendar feed to your Rails app

Looks like it’s iCalendar, if you are still running on Ruby 1.8.x:

And ri_cal, if you are on Ruby 1.9.x: