Sad News

May 13, 2019

I don’t really have the energy to do this more than once, so I’ll just post it here and share the link.

There’s a lot going on, but the heart of the matter is that, after a two year battle with prostate cancer, last week we faced the news that my brother has lost that war. He’s kind of a private guy, outside his family and immediate circle of close friends, so that’s where I’ll leave it, except to say that he’s now doing as well as can be expected in palliative care.

Don’t really know how much time we have left with him. Could be days, weeks or even months. Just stopping and waiting isn’t an option. So I’ve been continuing to work, just to have something normal to hold on to. I finally realized over the weekend that I’m not really doing anyone any favours, including myself, by pushing through as if things were normal.

I’m taking this week off, to be kind to myself, and to figure out how I’ll be able to help my brother and sister-in-law and nephew, and my 80+ year old parents though this tough time.

The 6 Pack Apps course has the first 5 weeks of content posted. I’ll post an updated schedule for the second half of the course (the last 5 weeks) next week.

RubyMotion Weekly will be on hiatus for the next 2 weeks.

My participation in Motioneers Slack and other social media will be limited for the next couple weeks.