Weird script running problem on WinXP

May 10, 2011

I’m a Mac. Completely and totally. For almost 7 years now, and I never regret it for a moment. However, sometimes at work, I have to use Windows PC’s. This is one of those weeks. The number of “I hate f**king Windows” has risen, dramatically.

Today, it was a weird one. A Windows XP machine, on which we have run some old applications for almost 6 years now, suddenly doesn’t want to run the app. There’s a .BAT file. It invokes a .JS file (don’t ask). And, the JS (ActiveScript?!?) runs a Java application. Simple, no? No. Today, the .JS file just pops open in Notepad. Argh. The good news, after Googling for a while, is that there is a relatively painless solution:… And, BTW, if you open and run a .REG file that you downloaded from the Internet, without looking at it first in a text editor… there is no help for you. Just sayin…