You Aren't Paying for the App

This is an absolutely fascinating video, that illustrates the point of today’s topic so very well. There is something almost hypnotic about watching a master of their craft work their magic, turning this damaged knit garment into something that looks new again.

AI - The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious

Let’s talk about AI. Or, as I prefer to call it ML - Machine Learning. Despite the fact that people have been working on artificial intelligence for many decades (a friend of mine was working on a masters thesis around AI in the early 90’s), we still aren’t that close to something the average person would call intelligent.

5 Ways to Make People Hate Your Mobile Apps

Here’s five ways to make people hate your mobile app. I mean, there’s probably hundreds of ways. I can certainly think of dozens of ways, but these are five that come to mind because I encountered all of them this week. So in no particular order here they are:

The Norman Conquest: Adventures in Woodworking

My in-laws came to visit last week and part of the visit turned into an epic yak shave, so I thought I would share the fun. Not just because it’s a funny story (which it definitely is), but because I see so many parallels as to how we respond to requests as developers.

Sad News

I don’t really have the energy to do this more than once, so I’ll just post it here and share the link.